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Dive into the unparalleled taste of Colombia with our Popayan Reserve coffee, meticulously crafted in the heart of the Popayan region. Selected farms in the Popayan region pour their passion into producing this exceptional coffee, which is then carefully milled in Popayan before embarking on its journey to Caldas for decaffeination.


What sets this coffee apart is its commitment to sustainability. From bean to cup, every step of the process takes place within Colombia, ensuring a vertical supply chain and minimising unnecessary food miles. Unlike many other decaffeination processes that involve shipping coffee abroad for processing, theirs keeps profits within the country of origin.


But the magic doesn't stop there. Their decaffeination process is as natural as the Colombian landscape itself. Using a by-product of sugar cane and water, caffeine is gently extracted from the coffee without subjecting it to excessive temperatures. The result? A coffee that retains its natural sweetness, with a flavour profile that rivals its caffeinated counterpart.


Indulge in the rich taste of Colombia with every sip of our Popayan Reserve coffee – where sustainability meets sensational flavour and every cup is a celebration of Colombian craftsmanship.

COLOMBIA DECAF - Popayan Reserve

Price Options
$12.60every week until canceled
$12.60every 2 weeks until canceled
$12.60every month until canceled
One-time purchase
  • Region

    Popayan, Cauca


    Various small farms


    1,500 -2,070 masl


    Colombia, Castillo


    E.A sugar cane decaf, washed
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