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Welcome to the paradise of Costa Rica, where our Divino Niño coffee takes you on a journey through lush landscapes and exquisite flavours. Nestled in the heart of Costa Rica, Mauricio's farm is a sanctuary of natural beauty, with towering eucalyptus trees, avocado groves and, of course, exceptional coffee shrubs. Mauricio and his family have crafted a microclimate on their farm that nurtures the perfect conditions for coffee growth, resulting in beans of unparalleled quality. At their own micro-mill, attention to detail is the name of the game. Every step of the coffee processing is meticulously executed, ensuring that each bean reaches its full potential.


The result? One of our favourite naturally processed coffees, period. Prepare to be enchanted by the clean and bright flavours of Divino Niño. With notes of chocolate, citrus and ripe cherries dancing on your palate, accompanied by hints of other berries, every sip is a symphony of delight. With a medium body and medium acidity, this coffee strikes the perfect balance, leaving you craving another cup. So join us in savouring the magic of Costa Rica with every sip of Divino Niño coffee – where nature's beauty meets exceptional taste and every cup is a celebration of pure joy.

COSTA RICA - Divino Niño

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$19.80every week until canceled
$19.80every 2 weeks until canceled
$19.80every month until canceled
One-time purchase
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    Mauricio Vargas Vindas


    1,500 -1,900 masl




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